Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae
The Fisher Analysis Could Distinguish Relationship between Cold and Heat Properties and GC-MS Fingerprints for Water-Soluble Sugar of 20 Chinese Herbs

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    Objecive To discuss the relationship between water-soluble sugar and cold-heat properties and furtherly reveal correlations of four properties and material basis.Methods Ten cold herbs and heat herbs were selected for the determination,and dealed with the water-soluble sugar with hydroxylamine hydrochloride,pyridine and acetic anhydride.Measuring Gas chomatography-mass(GC-MS) fingerprints of water-soluble sugar,then determining the water-soluble components of 20 herbs by mass spectrometry and analyzing the results by Fisher method.Results A discriminant function had been established by Fisher.The Fisher discriminant analysis could distinguish the cold and heat properties about 20 herbs that the group back substitution is 100%.From the results,it confirmes that there is difference between the cold and heat properties in the GC-MS fingerprints by Fisher method,which shows that there are different water-soluble sugar in the cold and the heat herbs.Conclusion The Fisher analysis could differentiate the cold and heat properties of herbs,and it is an effective statistical tool to study the relationship between the cold and heat properties and water-soluble sugar.It concludes that the water-soluble sugar is one of the material basis of four properties of herbs.

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