Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae
Optimization of Extraction Process of Jiedu Tongluo Particles by Central Composite Design-Response Surface Methodology

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    Objective: To optimize extraction technology of Jiedu Tongluo particles. Method: Based on single factor tests, central composite design-response surface methodology was applied to optimize extraction process with soaking time, decoction time and solvent amounts as independent variables, while composite score of extraction amounts of baicalin, quercetin and isorhamnetin as dependent variable.SPSS software was used to fit multivariate linear equation and second-order polynomial equation for experimental data, response surface and contour plot were delineated according to best-fit mathematic models by Design Expert 8.0.0 statistic analysis software. Result: Optimum extraction process was as follows:soaking time 90 min, decoction time 85.63 min, the amount of solvent 9.21 times;Composite score was (93.2±0.051) %, which had deviation of -2.32% with the predicted value of 94.30%. Conclusion: Model established by central composite design-response surface methodology had good predictability, which was suitable for optimizing extraction process of Jiedu Tongluo particles.

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