Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae
Correlation Analysis Between Content and Anti-lung Cancer Activity of Active Ingredients in Coicis Semen from Different Areas

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    Objective: To investigate correlation between content and anti-proliferative effect against lung carcinoma cell line SPC-A-1 and A549 of active ingredients in Coicis Semen from five places. Method: HPLC-ELSD and UV spectrophotometry were employed to determine contents of glycerol trioleate and total triglycerides in Coicis Semen,respectively.In addition,MTT assay was performed to explore anti-proliferative effect of Coicis Semen extract from various origins towards SPC-A-1 and A549 cells. Result: The content of glycerol trioleate in Coicis Semen from Hebei,Liaoning,Fujian,Guizhou,Shandong province was 0.91%,1.14%,0.82%,0.77%,1.09%,the content of total triglycerides was 14.83,10.88,7.85,5.26,7.71 mg·g-1,respectively.IC50(median inhibitory concentration) against the lung carcinoma cell line A549 were 2.33,2.77,3.15,3.24,3.08 g·L-1,IC50 against SPC-A-1 were 1.64,2.15,2.63,3.01,2.99 g·L-1,respectively. Conclusion: All samples originated from five provinces are in line with standards of the 2010 edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia.However,samples from Hebei province have the highest content of total triglycerides and the strongest anti-lung cancer activity,suggesting a positive correlation between active ingredients content and pharmacological activity.

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