Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae
Research on Guidance of Prevention and Treatment of Vascular Diseases by Yingwei Theory of Vessel-collateral Theory

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    The blood-vein theory is inherited and developed. Combined with the related theory features of Qi and blood of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), the progress results in two national 973 plan projects undertaken are learned from, the vessel-collateral theory guiding the prevention and treatment of vascular lesions is systematically built, the academic development of TCM collateral disease discipline is pushed from "treatment of symptoms of collateral disease" to study on "vessel-collateral theory", a new stage in the history. The pathogenesis, basic pathogenesis, clinical syndrome and syndrome differentiation therapy of vessel-collateral lesions are systematically studied, Yingwei theory, the core content of vessel-collateral theory, is proposed, the syndrome differential diagnosis standard of "vessel-collateral-vascular system disease" is established, and the blood-vessel theory of TCM is improved. The development of Yingwei theory of vessel-collateral theory is deepened. The theory of Yingwei sympathia and Yingwei's "opening by collaterals, intersecting and generating" are proposed to guide the study on prevention and control of vascular lesions. With tertiary collaterals-microvessel as a breakthrough point of research, four types of microscopic pathological features of microvessels are proposed. It is confirmed that dredging collaterals and protecting tertiary collaterals-microvessel is the common key mechanism for the treatment of major diseases of heart, brain and kidney(sugar). It protects microvessels, improves blood flow perfusion, protects tissue cells, and improves the viscera function. Dredging collaterals and protecting microvascular endothelial cells is the core mechanism of treating tertiary collaterals-microvessel lesions. It is proposed that protection of microvascular endothelial cells is a new strategy to solve the problem of microvascular lesions. After more than ten years, four studies of evidence-based medicine have been completed to solve the clinical problem of acute myocardial infarction without reflow. New drugs are provided to the international medical problem of cardiac insufficiency with premature ventricular contraction. The gap of fast and slow treatment, integration and rhythm adjustment of sinus bradycardia with premature ventricular contraction is filled. The clinical treatment effect of chronic heart failure is significantly improved, a major breakthrough in the treatment of microvascular lesions by TCM is achieved, and it is fully recognized and highly evaluated by the medical profession at home and abroad. It promotes the specialized subject platform construction and society development under the guidance of Yingwei theory of vessel-collateral theory, as well as the clinical application of syndrome differentiation diagnosis and treatment method and drugs of vessel-collateral lesions, and has significant social and economic benefits.

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