Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae
Prescription Law of New Coronavirus Pneumonia in Different Stages

Shenzhen Bao'an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Group, the Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Shenzhen 518133, China

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    Objective To study the clinical medication regulation for the prevention and treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia with traditional Chinese medicine(TCM),especially prescriptions,on the basis of "treatment in accordance with seasonal conditions".Method The guidelines and suggestions on novel coronavirus pneumonia formulated and published by national,provincial and municipal governments and experts before February 17,2020, were retrieved and summarized. Data was recorded in stages according to "prevention period,clinical observation period,pre-clinical period,middle clinical period,late clinical period and recovery period". The frequency analysis of TCM and its efficacy,prescription and proprietary Chinese medicine was carried out,and then the factor analysis and cluster analysis of TCM were carried out to obtain rational drug combinations.Result Totally 172 suggestions on combined structure of drugs,50 suggestions on prescriptions and 31 suggestions on proprietary Chinese medicine were involved in the study,and provided by 24 official agencies and 24 medical experts, 147 kinds of herbs,44 prescriptions and 16 proprietary Chinese medicines were collected. No matter for the drug category or for the specific drug selection,the law of drug use in different stages was not the same. Huoxiang Zhengqi capsule,Shufeng Jiedu capsule,Lianhua Qingwen capsule and Jinhua Qinggan capsule can be used in the observation period. Xuanbai Chengqitang can be used in the middle of the disease. Angong Niuhuangwan,Suhexiangwan or Zixuedan, and Angong Niuhuangwan can be selected in the middle of the disease. And Qingfei Paidu decoction can be used in all stages of the disease.Conclusion Doctors need to adjust their prescriptions along with the progress of the disease,because the law of medication in each stage of the new coronavirus pneumonia is different.

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